Family business created in 2008. Responsibility and quality define the founding brothers, with continuous growth in the national and international market.

Committed to the environment, we follow a circular economy strategy to be able to offer the best product to our customers.



Primary sector company dedicated to the manufacture of organic fertilizers and raw materials for petfood. The objective and vision of the company are to develop 100% ecological products specific to each crop, all this with a personalized service.


Year of creation

Ecocert 2018

Environmental certificate

CAAE 2010

Andalusian Certificate of Organic Agriculture


Countries in which we are present

100% Ecological.

All of our products are based on this value.

Zero residue.

We believe that this is the way to grow.


Our efforts are focused on meeting this goal.

The philosophy of the company, through its employees and its products, is make the most of all waste and return it to its useful life. This action allows us to be aware of ecology and all its benefits.

Actions are carried out to promote this ecological movement by betting on digitization, recycling, reduction and reuse that allow us to develop responsible and healthy consumption habits.

The world demands better treatment and from Defeder Alcolea we contribute that “grain of sand” to make this an ecological place with prospects for a green future.


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