Advantages of using organic fertilizers

Our plants and soil need nutrients to grow and provide a good crop yield. These nutrients are obtained mainly from the soil through the roots. For this reason it is necessary to fertilize the soil using fertilizers.

The eternal question about which is better; use organic fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. Faced with this situation, in this post we are going to show numerous advantages of using organic fertilizers over chemicals.

The main characteristics in favor of organic fertilizers are:

  • eco friendly, this means that they do not carry chemical contributions that can harm the earth and they respect the ecosystems. Although chemical fertilizers are a quick and effective solution in the short term, their use entails environmental problems such as water pollution, the risk of toxicity or the degradation of soil life in the long term.
  • Organic fertilizers provide a series of necessary nutrients, the main ones are the NPK formula: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • improve the structure and properties of the soil giving it strength, resistance, structure and aeration. Furthermore, its ability to absorb water and fix carbon in it also increases positively.
  • Its production hardly generates energy expenditure and is a solution cheaper.
  • Have a regulatory effect on soil temperature and prevents excessive evaporation by helping to maintain soil moisture.
  • allow to take advantage organic waste favoring the circular economy.

These advantages are the most important of the many that they contain. Defeder Alcolea, in its path and efforts to achieve a cleaner planet and healthy, quality food, bets and works to offer the use of organic fertilizers.