Defeder’s CSR

What is CSR? Corporate social responsibility is a certain form of action that companies adopt, based mainly on the possible impacts that their activity may cause both in their immediate environment (customers and employees), and in the environment that surrounds them (society and the environment). For Defeder, social responsibility has to be, by necessity, voluntary. […]

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A day at the R+D+i department

The R+D+i Department is one of the most important departments for a company, since it fulfills the function of searching for new services or products that can improve its aspects. Today in our blog we will delve into the bowels of this “laboratory”. A day in the R + D + i department usually begins […]

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San Isidro Labrador

This Saturday, May 15, we celebrate the feast of San Isidro Labrador. He is the patron of farmers and of many peoples with an agricultural tradition. Isidro Merlo and Quintana was his real name, he was a farmer and a very devout person, who every morning visited several churches in Madrid before going to the […]

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Ecological fertilizer for fields and crops: Nitro plus

An ecological fertilizer is a substance (free of chemicals) formed by the essential nutrients that the plant needs to grow and develop. Organic fertilizers or ecological fertilizers are obtained by mixing substances obtained by the degradation and mineralization of leftovers of an organic, plant and industrial nature, promoting the circular economy. This means extending their […]

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Defeder actively contributes to complying with the European Green Deal

At Defeder we have always followed a strategy of circular economy and caring for the environment. In 2030, according to European Union regulations, 25% of arable land must be with organic fertilizer. Currently, only 8.5% is area sown with organic fertilizer in Europe, and the challenge is for that 25% to be met by 2030. […]

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Action plan for the development of organic production

The European Commission presented on March 25, 2021, an Action Plan for the development of organic production. Their general objective, as they point out, “is to promote the production and consumption of organic products, reach 25% of agricultural land dedicated to organic farming by 2030 and significantly increase organic aquaculture.” Defeder, in its mission and […]

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Defeder Logo
We are organic, we are ecological and we are sustainable

Defeder continues to grow with the goal of being based on the circular economy and being sustainable. In its quest for improvement, it has decided to take a step forward, crucial in its continuous development strategy. Defeder as part of its approach, has decided to modernize its brand and highlight its origin. Without losing its […]

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World Nature Day

World Nature Day (also known as World Wildlife Day) is celebrated every year on March 3 since the UN General Assembly declared it this way since 2013. The main objective that there is a date marked in the calendar for nature is to raise awareness about the value of wild fauna and flora. The chosen […]

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Ecological fertilization for vineyards

Viticulture is the science of growing the vine or grapevine, for making wine or for using its grapes for natural consumption. The viticulturist, through a set of agronomic practices and techniques, is the person in charge of carrying out these tasks. Viticulture is a branch of the science of fruit growing. Ecological viticulture is the […]

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Defeder, for the third consecutive year, grows at a rate of 40%

We are very happy to share with all of you the economic results that we have achieved this past year 2020, despite the circumstances of COVID and the serious economic crisis that practically all companies in the country are going through. However, agriculture has managed to maintain its niche in the economic sector, and if […]

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World environmental education day

On January 26, the “World Environmental Education Day” is celebrated. But really, does the planet deserve to have a day on the calendar? Our leaders have the purpose of sensitizing and raising awareness among citizens about the importance of conserving and protecting the planet, therefore in 1975, the year in which the International Seminar on […]

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