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We are organic, we are ecological and we are sustainable

Defeder continues to grow with the goal of being based on the circular economy and being sustainable. In its quest for improvement, it has decided to take a step forward, crucial in its continuous development strategy. Defeder as part of its approach, has decided to modernize its brand and highlight its origin. Without losing its […]

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World Nature Day

World Nature Day (also known as World Wildlife Day) is celebrated every year on March 3 since the UN General Assembly declared it this way since 2013. The main objective that there is a date marked in the calendar for nature is to raise awareness about the value of wild fauna and flora. The chosen […]

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Ecological fertilization for vineyards

Viticulture is the science of growing the vine or grapevine, for making wine or for using its grapes for natural consumption. The viticulturist, through a set of agronomic practices and techniques, is the person in charge of carrying out these tasks. Viticulture is a branch of the science of fruit growing. Ecological viticulture is the […]

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Defeder, for the third consecutive year, grows at a rate of 40%

We are very happy to share with all of you the economic results that we have achieved this past year 2020, despite the circumstances of COVID and the serious economic crisis that practically all companies in the country are going through. However, agriculture has managed to maintain its niche in the economic sector, and if […]

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World environmental education day

On January 26, the “World Environmental Education Day” is celebrated. But really, does the planet deserve to have a day on the calendar? Our leaders have the purpose of sensitizing and raising awareness among citizens about the importance of conserving and protecting the planet, therefore in 1975, the year in which the International Seminar on […]

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NPK, the basis of growth

Today we will take a brief look at plant nutrition. Plants, like all living things, need adequate nutrition to grow and complete their life cycle. For this, they require both macronutrients and micronutrients, precisely balanced according to the phenological state in which they are found. DEFEDER’s range of organic NPK (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) fertilizers allows the soil […]

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How to protect your crops from frost?

Immersed in the middle of winter, the cold threatens our crops. The entrance of the new year is bringing with it a drop in temperature, which is why there are numerous frosts day after day. And what happens if the fields freeze? Frosts usually occur when most of the plants are in winter stasis and, […]

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Thanks to our readers

This year 2020 is coming to an end and from Defeder we want to dedicate our last entry of the year to those readers who follow us since the first publication and of course to those who have been incorporated over time. The situation we live in has caused a radical change in our day […]

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The environmental impact of Christmas

On these very important dates, in each country the Christmas festivities are celebrated, or what is the same; an increase in consumption, exchange of gifts and welcome a new year with family and friends. This represents a great environmental impact as a consequence of irresponsible and unsustainable consumption, generation of garbage, waste of water, energy […]

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Biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture appeared in 1924, with the Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner. Known as the inventor of anthroposophy and the founder of this type of agriculture, he was in charge of giving a solution to farmers in the days when they complained about the deterioration of their crops due to the constant use of […]

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Ecological quality certifications as a product differentiation

The environment needs us, just as we need it, so it is essential to be aware of it and protect it in the best possible way. In this sense, ecological production takes on great importance, which promotes a production style respectful of our environment. This type of production involves a big effort on the part […]

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