Biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture appeared in 1924, with the Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner. Known as the inventor of anthroposophy and the founder of this type of agriculture, he was in charge of giving a solution to farmers in the days when they complained about the deterioration of their crops due to the constant use of […]

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Ecological quality certifications as a product differentiation

The environment needs us, just as we need it, so it is essential to be aware of it and protect it in the best possible way. In this sense, ecological production takes on great importance, which promotes a production style respectful of our environment. This type of production involves a big effort on the part […]

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Organic farming as a starting point

Like every Tuesday, Defeder launches his blog post for all the readers who follow us every day. During this week we have two important events: World No Use Pesticides Day (December 3) and World Soil Day (December 5). The two dates have many characteristics in common, therefore, we will be referring to some of them […]

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The Spanish organic market

Spain is a country where the market for organic products has been booming for a few years, it is growing rapidly and manages to attract more consumers every day, motivated by a more responsible and better quality purchase. The area devoted to organic farming in the world already exceeds 71 ​​million hectares. When it comes […]

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Tests carried out by the R + D + i department

The development of crops is a key point to obtain abundant and quality harvests. For this reason, at Defeder Alcolea we are committed to the constant design of new products that allow us to optimize and guarantee the correct growth of our plantation, providing at all times the necessary nutrients to achieve it. To that […]

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Benefits of using organic fertilizers

Our plants and soils need nutrients for their growth and for good crop yields. These nutrients come mainly from the soil through the roots. Therefore, it is necessary to fertilize the soil with manure. The eternal question is which one is better; use organic fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. Considering this situation, in this article, we […]

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CAP reform bets on the environment

We are lucky in the agricultural sector since the European Council adopted on October 20 its general approach on the reform package of the common agricultural policy (CAP) for post 2020. Among the various themes selected, raising the level of climate and environmental ambitions through the introduction of instruments such as compulsory ecological regimes stand […]

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Regulation and certification of fertilizers for use in organic agriculture

The organic sector is a booming and continuously growing sector, so there is a great need for appropriate inputs for these productions. Why are UNE standards needed? Ecological certifications are carried out through private certifiers, which implies a wide variety of criteria and interpretations that do not go beyond the lists in Annexes I and […]

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What is the circular economy

Defeder Alcolea is committed to developing a circular economy strategy, the main alternative to the famous linear economy (the classic: produce-use-throw away). The circular economy, more and more widespread in our vocabulary, is a model of production and consumption that involves the sharing, rental, reuse, repair, renewal and recycling of existing materials and products as […]

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What do we understand by organic fertilizer?

We’ve all heard of the terms “organic manure” or “organic fertilizer”, but do we really know what it means and what it’s for? An ecological fertilizer is a substance (free of chemicals) formed by the essential nutrients that the plant needs to grow and develop. Organic fertilizers or ecological fertilizers are obtained by mixing substances […]

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Defeder Alcolea opens his blog on organic farming and the circular economy

We welcome you on our ham. This is an exciting challenge for the whole team and, in turn, it is a way through which we wit establish a closer relationship with our customers, suppliers and the whole community interested in the circular economy. That’s right, with this initiative, we are strengthening our goal as a […]

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