SME of the Year Award 2021

We are in luck! On September 16 we received the second prize for internationalization at the V Pyme Award gala of the year 2021 in Huesca. An award, granted by Banco Santander and the Chamber of Commerce of Huesca, in collaboration with the Chamber of Spain and the Diario del Alto Aragón, which has had the participation of a total of 24 companies of all productive sectors, among which, Defeder has been awarded.

Defeder, as a company specialized in the development of 100% ecological and ecoviable products for agriculture and animal feed, from organic raw materials, has been awarded the Accesit to Internationalization.

We have been recognized for our long history of internationalization. Defeder was oriented from the beginning to be present in international markets, covering their needs and adapting their products for markets other than the Spanish ones. From the beginning we observed that organic farming was highly developed in countries like France and that Spain had a very large market for usable waste for this eco market, more developed abroad.

Defeder now distributes its organic products to 22 countries around the world and is developing cooperation projects on 3 continents.

in 2019 Defeder It distributed its organic fertilizers to 10 countries and during 2020 it has increased its exports by 35%, reaching 22 countries already, and the volume of international business is over 60% of its total turnover.

We thank you and share this award with you, because the Defeder community is made up of all of us.