Defeder continues to bet on sustainability with the acquisition of electric vans

Defeder continues to bet on being a sustainable company and now, we have decided to develop simple and accessible solutions, in order to be more respectful of the environment. For this reason, we have replaced conventional vehicles for our internal journeys between factories, with electric vans. And why have we taken this step? Because it […]

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What does organic food contain?

Organic food is characterized by not containing ingredients or chemical substances harmful to health or the environment. Instead, they are grown using sustainable methods, avoiding the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and growth hormones. In addition, organic foods tend to be fresher and have a more intense flavor due to their more natural production. How […]

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Sello Calidad Defeder
Defeder creates its own seal of quality

The quality seal of a company serves to indicate that a product or service meets certain quality standards established by an independent and recognized organization, which provides confidence and peace of mind to consumers when purchasing them. Currently, Defeder has just created its quality seal, a seal that shows that all its fertilizers offer the […]

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Environmental problems derived from chemical fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are synthetic chemicals used in agriculture to provide essential nutrients to plants. These fertilizers are made from chemical feedstocks and are designed to increase crop production by providing nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, which are essential macronutrients for plant growth. However, they have negative impacts on the environment and human health, such as water […]

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Defeder signs an agreement with Eboca for a more sustainable future thanks to coffee grounds

Defeder, a company that produces 100% organic products for agriculture and animal feed, and Eboca, a company specializing in coffee vending machines, have reached a collaboration agreement to give coffee grounds a second life. With this important initiative, both companies apply the circular economy strategy wanting the coffee grounds to become organic fertilizer and not […]

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Talk on the circular economy and the SDGs at the CPEPA

The circular economy strategy followed by the Defeder company, linked to a large number of Sustainable Development Goals that it meets and applies, is not going unnoticed within society, specifically, the Montison town where one of its factories is located. That is why, on December 14, our head of marketing and communication, Javier Claver, gave […]

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Defeder, company awarded in the first edition of the Monzón-Cinca Medio Company Awards

Defeder is in luck! On December 14, the first edition of the Monzón-Cinca Medio Company Awards was held, with the purpose of giving visibility to the business fabric of the area and recognizing the work of local companies and their workers, and Defeder has been present among the big winners of the day. The 7 […]

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Defeder is committed to the commitment to transfer the new Common Agricultural Policy to all farmers and ranchers

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is working with the autonomous communities and agricultural organizations to advise and train all farmers and ranchers so that they can apply the new Common Agricultural Policy. What is the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)? The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) aims to provide affordable, safe and high-quality food […]

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Conference “Active, employment without exclusions”

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities, December 3, was declared in 1992 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The aim is to promote the rights and well-being of people with disabilities in all spheres of society and development, as well as to raise awareness of their situation in all aspects of political, […]

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Events, talks, conferences…with the presence of Defeder

We have been in Defeder for a month of November and we do not stop attending events, conferences, awards ceremonies, talks, etc. learning in each of them news about technology, agriculture and ecology. For this reason, we are going to summarize and tell you where we have been lately: Last Tuesday, November 22, was the […]

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Defeder, provider of organic fertilizers for the garden of the Albalate de Cinca school

Schools are greener than ever. Within the programs offered to their students, the Rural Grouped School “Albeos” of Albalate de Cinca, in the province of Huesca, has created an organic garden with the help of students, family members and teachers. In this orchard, the aim is to teach and educate children through experience and practice, […]

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