15 years from Defeder…

This year 2023 marks the 15th anniversary since my brother Raúl and I had an idea, an initiative. We were working as high school teachers, but at the same time we were curious about the business world, so we started distributing organic fertilizers in small quantities. We started little by little until we saw that there was a great opportunity. Therefore, we decided to embark on the world of organic fertilizers, we were very clear about our purpose of ending the problem of damaged land and having a network of organic products.

We realized that companies followed a linear economy strategy. Raw materials that were wasted could have a second life. Therefore, we began to collect this organic waste and we worked on it to obtain products with ideal levels of micronutrients that could be adapted to all types of fields and crops. That is why Defeder has always followed a circular economy strategy.

This hobby kept us entertained for years, until we had to make the decision between pedagogy or the professionalization of the company and we launched ourselves fully into the world of organic fertilizers.

The name Defeder came to us from the union of the surnames of two athletes, who have values that we consider non-negotiable: the quality of Roger Federer and the effort of Gervasio Deferr. In addition, we include the town of Alcolea in the name because we are both from the town of Alcolea de Cinca, in Huesca.

Thus, Defeder has become a family business specialized in the manufacture of 100% ecological and ecoviable fertilizers for agriculture and livestock. Our goal has always been product quality and continuous innovation. Fertilizers are manufactured based on a production and consumption model that involves taking advantage of animal and vegetable raw materials to give them another use.

In October of this year, we celebrate our 15th anniversary, and we have managed to standardize organic fertilization in Spain and beyond its borders.

Our philosophy is to make the most of all raw materials and give them another chance. This allows us to be aware of ecology and all the benefits that the circular economy brings.

Defeder is committed to digitization, innovation, recycling, reduction and reuse, which allow us to develop responsible, healthy and sustainable consumption habits. The world demands better treatment and from Defeder we contribute that “grain of sand” to make this planet an ecological place with prospects for a green future.

I believe that the differential value that we provide to our customers are organic nutrients for sustainable agriculture through the circular economy, which is why quality is one of our maxims. We manufacture the fertilizer they need to measure. We customize the product and if you need something that we don’t have, we make it. Our goal is to have a healthier future. And our organic fertilizers are suitable for all types of land and crops: vines, olive trees, fresh fruit, vegetables…

If I look back and remember those beginnings with my brother, I can only say how proud we both feel for what we have built together.

In these 15 years of existence, Defeder has become a benchmark company in the organic farming sector. We export almost 60% of our production to more than 22 countries on 3 continents and our sights are now set on Latin America and other international markets.

Direct work has been given to more than 60 workers, thus counting between the current ones and those who are no longer there, and we have contributed to the economy of a very important sector in this region. We are carrying out more and more ESG projects and our commitment and commitment to sustainability is growing.

I would like to think that, 15 years from now, Defeder will continue to be that benchmark company in the much more established industry and that we are firmly contributing to meeting the European Union’s goal for 2030 of 25% of arable land being with organic fertilizer (right now it is 9.1%) and Spain is the second country in Europe, behind France and third in the world.

I am very satisfied with what my brother and I have achieved, since it is not just another company, Defeder is a company committed to the environment, which contributes to caring for the earth and, above all, offering excellent service and quality to the customer.


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