A day at the R+D+i department

The R+D+i Department is one of the most important departments for a company, since it fulfills the function of searching for new services or products that can improve its aspects. Today in our blog we will delve into the bowels of this “laboratory”.

A day in the R + D + i department usually begins in the laboratory. It is the place where we spend much of our time testing and checking our products and new projects.

There, after investing countless hours of study and research on the news and trends in the sector, we develop new formulas and improve the ones we already have so that our fertilizers are always on the agenda. But for this, it is necessary to carry out constant tests and collect as much data as possible to help us in this task.

Defeder has a small experimentation field, where tests are carried out with its fertilizer products to verify their effectiveness first-hand.

In addition, a collaboration project has recently been started with the Fruit Luxury company, a local company with extensive experience in the fruit sector and which is a pioneer in the cultivation of cherries in the greenhouse. This collaboration is expected to be part of a CDTI project.

Thanks to all the work of the R + D + i department, we have a wide range of ecological and sustainable fertilizers developed by ourselves, the purpose of which is to offer the highest quality to our customers while helping to conserve the planet.

One of the rules we have at Defeder is to be the best version of ourselves every day, therefore, for a company like ours, it is necessary to be very present and promote a department such as R + D + i, since our The future, as well as that of our clients, involves researching, developing and innovating to meet the needs demanded by the sector.

At Defeder, the quality and excellence of our products is a maxim, which always undergoes exhaustive controls in the Research, Development and Innovation department.


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