Bio Week

This Thursday, June 2, we celebrate the start of Bio Week for the first time. Its objective is to create awareness about the benefits of organic production and food and to learn, through the main agents of the organic sector, about the environmental, social and health contributions that this model of production and consumption has.

It is an event organized by Bio Eco Actual, an independent and free media outlet at the service of consumers, producers, distributors and retailers of organic production.

This initiative will bring together, from June 2 to 9, activities by organic producers, restaurants, schools and retailers.

One of the reasons that leads to promote the Bio Week is to achieve the goal of having 25% of the agricultural area under ecological management as well as promoting the production and consumption of organic products.

It will be held throughout Spain, to promote the production and consumption of organic products through a series of activities that will take place in different parts of the national territory.

Among the catalog of activities there are visits to producers and agricultural and livestock facilities, commercial activities at the retail level, activities in the restaurant sector and with a gastronomic focus, activities in schools and many other specific dissemination actions.

And Defeder, as a 100% organic fertilizer company, encourages the entire sector to participate in this initiative and be aware of the importance of caring for our land.

Happy bio week!


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