CAP reform 2023-2027

Defeder is a leading company in the sector thanks to, among other things, being always up to date with new news. For this reason, in this blog post, we bring you information about the last meeting that the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food had to address the plan for the future CAP (Common Agricultural Policy).

The future CAP will strengthen the incorporation of women into agriculture, which will be one of the keys, together with the generational change, to ensure the future of the activity.

The main objective of the reform is that farmers and ranchers can face the challenge of climate change and the environment, while maintaining the profitability of their farms.

The conclusions that can be obtained from the realities that lie ahead with the new CAP 2023-2027 are:

– This reform will entail greater demands and agronomic, environmental, labor and management commitments with less money.

– We will find a greener CAP, with less remuneration to the farmer. From Defeder we always say that our sector decontaminates, so our work in defense of the environment and the fight against climate change should be recognized.

– The production of safe and healthy food in the European Union, with the highest traceability, and sanitary control, is not recognized by our politicians. On the contrary, we have to see how we receive in our countries imports of products from non-EU countries with dubious sanitary guarantees for human beings.

– At Defeder we support a CAP that allows farmers and ranchers to live off the economic performance of their farms.

The environmental and climate commitments have marked, from the beginning, the negotiations of the new CAP.

The European Parliament aspires to a more just, ecological and results-based CAP, which aims to offer a sustainable future to European farmers and ranchers.


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