Defeder, company awarded in the first edition of the Monzón-Cinca Medio Company Awards

Defeder is in luck! On December 14, the first edition of the Monzón-Cinca Medio Company Awards was held, with the purpose of giving visibility to the business fabric of the area and recognizing the work of local companies and their workers, and Defeder has been present among the big winners of the day.

The 7 categories and their winners

During the event, prizes were awarded in the following seven categories:

• Entrepreneurship, ALUMBRA
• Innovation, DEFEDER
• Internationalization, SERRAT-Alcay
• Logistics, ALVIPRE
• SME -50 IBERECO workers
• Business Trajectory, QUIMICA del CINCA

In addition, two very special distinctions were given: Hospitality to Agustín Lleida Arcas (Acapulco, Canela Pastelería, Catering) and recognition to chef Ramón Lapuyade (El Portal de Alcolea de Cinca Restaurant) and winner of the National Gastronomy Contest.

The event was attended by Arturo Aliaga, Vice President of Aragon and at the closing ceremony he insisted on “the remarkable business value of the Cinca Medio region”. “These companies are an example to make the Aragon that we all want more powerful”, he stated. In addition, Aliaga received the award from the Association of Entrepreneurs of Cinca Medio “for his career and work in support of companies in Cinca Medio.”

An emotional act and great encounters

There were several emotional moments at the event. Among them, those dedicated to recently deceased businessmen from the region. Also, the work that the more than 85 companies present have carried out for Monzón, its region and the whole of Aragón was highlighted.

With this first edition of the Monzón-Cinca Medio company awards, the exceptional value of family organizations in the area is recognized, which have made the province a benchmark in artisanal and organic products, with great national potential and a focus on the outside.


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