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Defeder creates its own seal of quality

The quality seal of a company serves to indicate that a product or service meets certain quality standards established by an independent and recognized organization, which provides confidence and peace of mind to consumers when purchasing them.

Currently, Defeder has just created its quality seal, a seal that shows that all its fertilizers offer the highest quality, as well as being 100% organic.

What is in an organic fertilizer?

In the quality analysis of an organic fertilizer, in addition to its intrinsic properties, issues relating to production, transformation and marketing must also be assessed.

At Defeder, we carry out exhaustive quality control in the fertilizer production processes, as well as in the choice of all the raw materials involved in said production. In this way, the highest quality and efficiency of the products are guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

Another important point in the Defeder fertilizer manufacturing process is traceability. In the company, continuous monitoring of all raw materials and final products is carried out, so that all the necessary information about the manufacture of any product is instantly available at all times. This makes it possible to control that all the products supplied comply with everything required by each client at all times. In the same way, in the event of any incident, all the necessary information about the affected batch is available at the moment the incident occurs.

The quality controls that Defeder carries out in all its processes allow us to work with great productivity and, what is most important, to be sure that all the products we work with fully comply with all quality standards.

When is a fertilizer of high quality?

A high-quality fertilizer is one that contains the essential nutrients necessary for plant growth in proper proportions and in forms readily available to the roots. In addition, a high-quality fertilizer must be free of impurities and contaminants, and must have a balanced formula designed to meet the specific needs of plants based on the type of crop and soil conditions. It must also be safe for people, animals and the environment, and its application must not cause imbalances in the ecosystem. For this reason, Defeder includes its seal of quality so that all farmers and winners feel completely secure with the top quality products they grow.

In short, at Defeder we offer our clients a safe investment in high quality fertilizers.


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