Defeder has reached a collaboration agreement with Cáritas Dicocesana de Barbastro-Monzón, for the employment of people with disabilities

Defeder has reached a collaboration agreement with Cáritas Diocesana Barbastro Monzón, for the employment of people with disabilities. And the result of this agreement has been the incorporation on February 21 of Daniel Mateos Carrero.

Daniel, 34, makes the leap to the professional world after passing through the Insertare Special Employment Center and the Nazareth Occupational Center in Binéfar, showing great enthusiasm with his new indefinite contract.

Through the work carried out by Cáritas Diocesana Barbastro-Monzón with the group of people with intellectual disabilities and/or mental illness, this entity suggests that it is a clear example for the work of human promotion and integral development of the dignity of all people, and especially those who are also in a situation of social disadvantage.

Defeder has been working with Cáritas Diocesana Barbastro Monzón for years. Previously, collaborations had been carried out through the NGO, with projects such as mask-hangers or can-opener magnets, however, this year, a further step has been taken, with the incorporation of Daniel Mateos.

During his working day, Daniel will be in charge of carrying out functions related to the final part of the production, as well as the cleaning maintenance of the facilities.

For Defeder, the social integration of people with disabilities is a constitutional right. The incorporation of this group into the labor market is an outstanding factor in achieving their full integration.

Therefore, it is essential for the organization to reach agreements with other companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to give all people a job opportunity.



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