Defeder is committed to the commitment to transfer the new Common Agricultural Policy to all farmers and ranchers

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is working with the autonomous communities and agricultural organizations to advise and train all farmers and ranchers so that they can apply the new Common Agricultural Policy.

What is the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)?

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) aims to provide affordable, safe and high-quality food to EU citizens; in addition to guaranteeing an equitable standard of living for farmers; conserve natural resources and respect the environment.

After many months of negotiations, the new Common Agricultural Policy will enter into force on January 1, 2023 and its objectives will be to show a more sustainable and social context, maintaining the balance between economic and environmental objectives in the country.

Ecoregimes, the most important novelty of the new CAP

Within the new approaches published by the ministry, the eco-regimes will be one of the most significant novelties of the new PAC for farmers and ranchers. And what exactly are ecoregimes? They are a series of environmentally sustainable practices of voluntary affiliation of the farmers for which they will be able to receive a series of aids according to the hectares that they have. The ecoregimes will suppose an economic endowment of 1,100 million euros per year.

The most important levers for the success of the plan

There are several available levers that will help make the plan a success. Undoubtedly, the most important thing will be to promote training and personalized advice to each farmer, since, in many cases, they do not have access to information or digitization and, therefore, it will be essential that the new CAP promote significant help and monitoring through the autonomous communities.

Other important levers will be innovation and generational change. For all this, the CAP will allocate more than 168 million euros (2023-2027) to innovation and 220 million euros to aid for generational renewal for young farmers.

Among the novelties with the new PAC, Defeder will bet on the commitment to promote environmental, social, economic sustainability and help farmers in the Region of Aragon in terms of innovation and customer services in relation to the new agricultural policies. Together, for the country’s agriculture!


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