Defeder, provider of organic fertilizers for the garden of the Albalate de Cinca school

Schools are greener than ever. Within the programs offered to their students, the Rural Grouped School “Albeos” of Albalate de Cinca, in the province of Huesca, has created an organic garden with the help of students, family members and teachers. In this orchard, the aim is to teach and educate children through experience and practice, linking to their roots and culture, as well as promoting respect for the environment.

Defeder wanted to be present in this initiative and has donated the fertilizers so that the school in the town where one of the company’s factories is located can maintain its own orchard in the best conditions. Also, we have good news! Because the first fruits have already begun to be obtained. A great job by the entire school!

What are the advantages of planting an organic garden at school?

There are many benefits of planting an organic garden at your school. These are the main ones:

• Work on education with children about the values ​​of healthy living and sustainable development, as well as personal responsibility.
• Understand that nature is a gift, that we must take care of it to continue enjoying it.
• Promote respect for the environment through knowledge of the environment and rural culture.
• Educate children about the environment and ecology from a very young age. And of course, to always take care of the environment in which they live.
• Favor enriching experiences for the little ones.
• Create responsible habits regarding the environment.
• Promote the consumption of vegetables, greens and fruits in the school community, promoting healthy eating habits. It is important to make them aware that you have to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day!
• Carry out actions that link children to the earth and the outdoors, away from screens and technology for a while.

Defeder fertilizers are 100% ecological and come from perfectly controlled organic raw materials to later obtain the greatest nutritional efficiency. Let’s always bet on natural products!


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