Defeder raw materials for petfood

Defeder is a company that has different lines of work. In addition to the production of ecological fertilizers, we also manufacture quality, varied and balanced raw materials for feeding companion animals.

Every day, more homes live more pets, for this reason, our dog or cat is considered as one more member of our family. Defeder knows first-hand the demands of these families for their pet to have a balanced diet.

The careful selection of the best raw materials so that the final food preparation is of the highest possible quality is our commitment and work. Defeder has a varied network of products for animal feed.

We are committed to quality and food safety. With the objective of zero waste, we select the best ingredients, maximizing the use of resources.

We know the origin of all the ingredients that make up our raw materials and also their traceability, following our commitment to quality and safety.

Our R + D + i team works and develops the best formulas adapted to the health needs of our pets to ensure the best nutrition.

At Defeder we are committed to the selection of quality raw materials for the final obtaining of a good food supplement.


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