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Defeder’s values ​​are perfectly compatible with those of many sports. Some of us play soccer, basketball, tennis, swim, go running… but we also like to support sports and if it’s local much more.

In this sense, a few years ago we decided to sponsor and support some sports teams in the region, so our commitment has been reflected in different sports disciplines:

For a couple of years we have been preparing and fertilizing the rugby field of the Quebrantahuesos Club, in Monzón, with our fertilizer, with teams in all categories and some of them have been league champions in past editions. In addition, we have given a name to one of their tournaments: the Defeder Tournament.

On the other hand, we have already participated during the last year in various chess tournaments in the area. Last May we sponsored the Aragón inclusive chess tournament, held in Monzón and recently the Monzón Chess club has participated in the Spanish championship of second division chess clubs in Linares (Jaén) and we have made some really cool red t-shirts.

We are passionate about soccer and for this reason, we have sponsored the U. D. Santalecina team (Team of the 1st Regional of Huesca) with the official shirt, but we have also painted a wall on the football field of Atlético de Monzón (3rd national division RFEF ) where you can see our logo and read our values.

In basketball we also contribute our grain of sand and we have various signage in the field of the CB Salou team, in Salou (Tarragona).

We are very proud of our contribution and we ask you not to miss our blog because surely by the end of the year we will tell you more news in this regard, always supporting sport!

Defeder is circular economy.


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