Fertilization in olive trees

The correct fertilization of the olive tree is an issue that worries many of our readers and customers, so in this post we are going to explain how to provide the most deficient nutrients to the olive tree.
To know the needs of our olive tree, a soil analysis is usually convenient, which allows us to know the deficiencies, and therefore choose the most useful fertilizer for our plantation.

To know when to apply fertilizer to olive trees, it must be borne in mind that they grow practically throughout the year, bloom in spring and bear fruit right afterwards. Therefore, it is interesting to pay them at the end of winter and not stop until autumn.

The productive capacity of the plantation is a decisive factor when it comes to finding a response to the subscriber. In olive groves with low productivity, the nutritional needs may be covered, totally or in a high percentage thereof, by the mineralization of the organic matter of the soil, by the contributions of nutrients contained in the rain and / or irrigation water and by the richness in nutritive elements present in the soil change complex.

However, in olive groves with high productive capacity, normally associated with irrigated plantations, the nutritional needs can significantly exceed the tree’s supply capacity by these means, and therefore shortly compromise medium term the sustainability of these productive levels.

The three nutrients most demanded by the olive tree are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. For plantations of young olive trees or small olive trees, it is advisable to apply NPK fertilizers rich in nitrogen to promote their growth. At Defeder we have the ideal product for this demand: NitroPlus is an ecological fertilizer with a high content of organic nitrogen for its application in bottom fertilizer or cover of open field crops of only application from selected high quality raw materials . With a full NPK balance that can vary:

  • 9-4-1
  • 10-3-1
  • 11-2-1
  • 12-1-1

On the other hand, in olive trees in production the potassium needs are greater and it is advisable to increase its richness. For this reason, at Defeder we bet on our Bio Complet product with a potassium richness between 4 and 5.

Always bet on an ecological fertilization, from Defeder we have always followed a strategy of circular economy and caring for the environment. In 2030, according to European Union regulations, 25% of arable land must be with organic fertilizer.

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