Finalists XII Edition Adea Awards

On December 2, the XII Edition of the ADEA Awards was held. These awards are awards that recognize the work of managers in each of the activity areas of companies located in Aragon and that are delivered in eleven different categories.

Defeder Alcolea was a finalist along with two other companies in the category for the ADEA Award for Foreign Promotion in recognition of the great business work outside our borders by José Joaquín Saila and Raúl Saila, founding brothers of the Defeder company.

It is a pride and an award to have opted for this award since the shortlists of the finalists have been selected by vote by the ADEA board of directors, after having analyzed almost 400 references of executives who have stood out over the last year.

Defeder Alcolea is aware of the damage caused by the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, with unimaginable human losses, but also with high losses in companies and businesses, many of them in an unsustainable situation. Under this scenario and hoping to achieve group immunity thanks to vaccination, ADEA organized this new convention to look to the future with hope, optimism, but also with responsibility.

From Defeder we congratulate Miguel Ángel Caballero, CEO of Nurel- who finally won the award in the Foreign Promotion category, as well as the rest of the winners. This nomination drives and motivates us to continue working with effort and responsibility as we have been doing so far.


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