How to protect your crops from frost?

Immersed in the middle of winter, the cold threatens our crops. The entrance of the new year is bringing with it a drop in temperature, which is why there are numerous frosts day after day. And what happens if the fields freeze? Frosts usually occur when most of the plants are in winter stasis and, therefore, in better conditions to withstand the cold. However, the plant can be seriously damaged, an aspect that worries the farmer due to the potential for socioeconomic losses that they generate.

From Defeder we recommend the use of anti-frost candles. It is a simple frost prevention system especially focused on short frosts such as evaporation. As we have mentioned previously, its use is simple, the candle is lit with a wick and gives off heat for 8/10 hours, being able to cover it to use at different times until all the paraffin is consumed. Regarding the method of placement, there is no exact rule since it depends on the type of crop, the terrain of the farm and the severity of the expected frost. Normally and in general, it is recommended to place them in a zigzag in the case of fruit trees and in a row in the case of vineyards.

That said, Defeder provides an economical solution to winter frosts by marketing the ECOSOL STOP ICE anti-frost candle to protect large and small farms when there is a danger of spring frosts on crops.


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