Automóviles Cabrero wins the first edition of the ‘Most Inclusive Company Award’ from Cadis Huesca, which identifies good practices in hiring people with disabilities. The jury has also recognized the companies Eboca Vending Labs Family and Defeder. The prizes were awarded on May 4 in an act open to the public.

Composed of members of the H+I employment group and the Cadis Board of Directors, the jury has taken into account the contribution to the labor inclusion of people with disabilities, assessing very positively “the quality and stability of the employment that this company offers to disabled staff members”.

Thanks to the orientation that our company reflects in the firm commitment to the social integration of people with disabilities “as a constitutional right”. The agreement that we have maintained for years with Cáritas Diocesana Barbastro Monzón, an entity through which we work with the group of people with intellectual disabilities and/or mental illness. And that, currently, in addition to the campaigns we carry out with Cáritas, we have an employee with a disability with an indefinite contract, they have been enough merits to grant us an honorary diploma.

During the act, it is worth highlighting the presentation by Noelia López Aso. One of the most interesting moments of the gala. With cerebral palsy since her birth, she received the Cadis Huesca Award in 2014 for her achievements throughout her career. After receiving training at Aspace Huesca, she studied Law and continued training in various fields, reaching positions of responsibility. Currently a coach for women and groups of social exclusion, she has worked as Head of the Department of HR Development and Employment Quality at Fundación ONCE and Ilunion until her recent retirement.

The ‘Most Inclusive Company Award’ was born within the H+I Employment Group, currently formed by the Development area of the Huesca City Council, the Aragonese Employment Institute, the Alto Aragón Socioeconomic Development Foundation ( Fundesa), the unions CC. oo. and UGT, the CEOE-Cepyme employers’ association, the Huesca Excelente Business Forum, the Huesca Hospitality and Tourism Business Association and the Amephu Association of Business Women.

At Defeder we are very proud to have received this diploma that classifies us as the Most Inclusive Company of the year 2023, this being a reflection of our development in Social Responsibility and in recognition of our efforts to promote the employment of people with disabilities.


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