Modification in the CAP reform

We have already spoken on previous occasions about the common agricultural policy (CAP), and what it means:

  • support farmers and improve agricultural productivity, ensuring a stable supply of affordable food;
  • guarantee farmers in the European Union a reasonable standard of living;
  • contribute to the fight against climate change and the sustainable management of natural resources;
  • preserve landscapes and rural areas across the EU;
  • keep the rural economy alive, boosting employment in agriculture, agri-food industries and associated sectors.

The CAP is a common policy for all EU countries. It is managed and financed at European level through the resources of the EU budget.

The latest reform of the CAP, for the period between 2023 and 2027 (will come into force in January 2023) trying to be fairer and more ecological.

However, due to the political and economic changes and circumstances that are taking place in Europe, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine, some organizations have asked to stop or modify this reform. It is evident that these countries are one of the main suppliers of cereals and oilseeds for Europe, something basic for feeding society and that the lack of them is affecting a lot, that is why a part of the sector demands to sit down to study again what the reform of the CAP implies and that it adjusts to the new situation.

On the other hand, the huge rise in production costs (especially energy and diesel), means that many farmers are taking to the streets in protest, concerned about the survival of their crops. Also the issue of drought in Europe and fires is greatly affecting this sector.

What is being asked is to rethink the reform of the CAP towards the new needs since “if Europe changes, the CAP must change”, insist some organizations such as Asaja, COAG, and Food Cooperatives. There is talk of an urgent need to paralyze the reform and rethink one that responds to the new agri-food needs of Europe.


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