New solar panels in Defeder

We have a new project in the company, and that is that we have recently installed solar panels in the Defeder facilities, both in the Monzón and Albalate warehouses.

With this new project, Defeder continues to show its commitment to the environment. It is a self-consumption installation to generate renewable energy and be able to benefit from the advantages of having solar panels since these panels transform the sunlight incident on them into electricity thanks to the photovoltaic effect.

The main advantages of solar panels are:

  • Solar energy, unlike other sources, does not generate polluting emissions.
  • The installation of photovoltaic panels represents an initial investment, it is true, but in the medium term the energy savings achieved are very high.
  • It is compatible with other energies.
  • Does not generate any type of noise.
  • It is an inexhaustible source throughout the planet.

In addition, we will be able to know how much CO2 we save, expressed in Kg, number of trees planted and in kilometers. The useful life of this installation is usually between 25 and 30 years, but with good care it can be extended to 35.

Defeder continues to work to reduce its carbon footprint by emitting less CO2 into the atmosphere. Prioritizing the use of clean and renewable energy is essential. To do this, it is necessary to modernize infrastructures and promote energy and ecological efficiency.

Therefore, the decarbonisation of the EU energy system is imperative to achieve the 2030 climate goals and the EU’s long-term strategy of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Environmental awareness is a philosophy of life that cares about the environment and its protection, in order to conserve it and guarantee its balance, both present and future.

As consumers we have a responsibility to change consumption habits by adjusting to real needs and those of the planet.

Every day more organizations and companies are committed to the environment. It is a concept that has permeated and is valued at all levels of society.

Another world is possible and at Defeder we work putting our grain of sand to make it a reality.

Defeder is circular economy.


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