Sustainability as the basis of organic farming

Defeder, as a company specialized in the manufacture of organic fertilizers, promotes organic farming compared to conventional. Ecological is more sustainable and in this post we are going to give different arguments to prove it.

In general, conventional agriculture uses more water than organic so energy use is high. Anything that requires high energy consumption is becoming more and more problematic, since generating it is the most polluting activity.

We know how to deal with pests without agrochemicals and how to coexist with Mother Nature without killing everything that lives in and around crops. The loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest problems related to conventional intensive agriculture.

Organic crops have a yield between 10% and 30% lower. This is a fact and is often used against organic farming. However, a third of the food we produce is wasted! This raises the question: would it really be so bad to produce less? Not throwing away more than a billion tons of food a year, but producing only what we consume? On the other hand, if the problem is not producing enough food for humans, we could also simply reduce our consumption of meat and dairy. After all, 33% of the crops are used to produce food for livestock.

In addition, the loss of crop yield is something that must be taken into account over time. In 20 years’ time, fields that have been continuously abused with herbicides and overproduction will probably have no fertility, that is, no life. They will be completely arid and keeping them arable will require huge amounts of resources (if they can be saved). The objective of Defeder is to end the problem of the punished lands. For this reason, the amount of organic matter that our products contribute to these soils punished by synthetic fertilizers and herbicides is of vital importance.

Soil degradation is one of the many terrible side effects of climate change, and filling them with (agro) chemicals only makes the situation worse.

Defeder encourages all those farmers to take the step to convert to organic farming, not because of fashion but because we give weighty arguments and show that sustainability and organic farming is better than conventional farming.

Sustainable agriculture is a concept that involves the economic, social and environmental aspects and avoids thinking in non-individualistic terms.


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