The Spanish organic market

Spain is a country where the market for organic products has been booming for a few years, it is growing rapidly and manages to attract more consumers every day, motivated by a more responsible and better quality purchase.

The area devoted to organic farming in the world already exceeds 71 ​​million hectares. When it comes to talking about Spain, it is ranked fourth in the world, just behind Australia, Argentina and China. In the European context, it occupies the first place. It should be noted that in Spain almost 10% of its useful agricultural area is organic. Likewise, our country remains among the top ten markets for organic products in the world.

The role of organic production is fundamental in our country in its goal of being the only regulated production system to mitigate the effects of climate change.

A clear example of this growth is the news that went public yesterday, November 23. Mercabarna on Monday opened Biomarket, the first wholesale market for organic products in Spain and also “the first in Europe in terms of concentration of fruit and vegetable companies”, reports in a statement.

What is described above is possible due to the fact that organic production generates fertile soil rich in organic matter, for this reason, Defeder ensures that its organic products provide the earth with all the needs it needs, bringing its grain of sand in this chain to achieve a greener planet and healthy food.


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