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We are organic, we are ecological and we are sustainable

Defeder continues to grow with the goal of being based on the circular economy and being sustainable.

In its quest for improvement, it has decided to take a step forward, crucial in its continuous development strategy. Defeder as part of its approach, has decided to modernize its brand and highlight its origin. Without losing its iconic essence of sea, land and air, Defeder has modernized its global identity and positioning to present itself as a company with a clear international strategy, specialized in ecological and sustainable products.

With the corporate colors of earth and agriculture, nature takes on a special role. Defeder wants to highlight his approach as a natural specialist and his commitment to innovation and the future.

Along with this, Defeder has launched a global communication campaign, aimed at both current customers and potential users of organic products for agriculture. Under the “Circular Economy” axis, we seek to connect with those customers who consume and need ecological products for the production of final ecological products. The client is fundamental to Defeder, so we want them to perceive this evolution, that professional effort behind our image.

We never forget our values, so we want to convey what has characterized us since our inception; sustainability, eco-viability, service or quality among others, but also knowing how to adapt to changes. Our vision is to end the problem of punished lands and have a network of organic products. We want to be the company most committed to the environment by offering the most suitable organic fertilizers for each type of soil and crop.

The visual makeover of Defeder that is within the communication strategy created, means recovering our land, recovering our wisdom, recovering the things that we have always used and giving them the value they deserve because they have always worked. We are origin. We are land, water, air, these are the basic elements of our image that we have wanted to maintain.

The established logo becomes the most visible face of our company. It’s our name, our first “Hello.” The visual image of the brand connects with people in a sensory and direct way. We sincerely hope you like it.

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