What do we understand by organic fertilizer?

We’ve all heard of the terms “organic manure” or “organic fertilizer”, but do we really know what it means and what it’s for?

An ecological fertilizer is a substance (free of chemicals) formed by the essential nutrients that the plant needs to grow and develop. Organic fertilizers or ecological fertilizers are obtained by mixing substances obtained by degradation and mineralization of organic, plant and industrial remains, promoting the circular economy. This means extending their useful life, maintaining their value as long as possible.

Time and again we face poor and punished soils because of their long lifespan. This problem prevents the roots of plants from absorbing all the nutrients they need for their development. Action must be taken before this happens, as it is much easier to maintain good soil quality than to recover it when it has already been degraded. Therefore, it is advisable to fertilize the soil with organic compost to provide it with all the necessary nutrients.

When the land is fertilized with organic fertilizers, the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil are effectively enriched without the use of chemicals that prove so harmful to our health and the environment.

At Defeder Alcolea, we encourage the use of organic fertilizers for the growth and development of your crops, thus betting on respect for the environment and people.


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