Why organic farming?

There is more and more talk of organic farming. Actions that involve caring for the planet, the environment and contributing to sustainability are increasingly taking precedence over any other type of action.

In our commitment to ecology and eco-viability, we are increasingly aware of the importance of using organic fertilizers thanks to the advantages and benefits they offer and that we want to emphasize in this blog post:

• Increased microbial activity
• Lower energy consumption in its preparation
• Organic waste is used
• Preserves fertility
• Pollutes the environment less
• It is more respectful with the ecosystem

For its part, the consumption of chemical fertilizers is the opposite of what was said above: the soil is damaged more, it requires more energy in its preparation, the plants are burned, they can be harmful to the product and they are less respectful of the environment. .

Currently, around 10% of the agricultural area in Spain is already organic and it is expected that by 2030 it will be 25%, as requested by the European Commission, in line with the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Currently, Spain is the first country in Europe and the third, globally, with the largest area of ​​land fertilized in an ecological way.

By provinces, Andalusia is the autonomous community with the highest percentage of ecological land, already 45%, Castilla la Mancha 17% and Catalonia 10.5%. In total there are about 2.4 million hectares with an annual growth of organic production of over 3.5%.

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