World environmental education day

On January 26, the “World Environmental Education Day” is celebrated. But really, does the planet deserve to have a day on the calendar? Our leaders have the purpose of sensitizing and raising awareness among citizens about the importance of conserving and protecting the planet, therefore in 1975, the year in which the International Seminar on Environmental Education was organized in Belgrade, the principles of environmental education were established drawn up in the famous “Charter of Belgrade.”

Environmental education consists of the process in which a person assimilates and learns concepts about teaching the functioning of natural environments so that human beings can adapt to them without damaging nature.

Like all education, it is not enough to assimilate it and learn it if we do not translate it into practice later. There are different components of environmental education such as: awareness and sensitivity, knowledge and understanding, environmental skills, but in the end, the most important is participation in order to identify and contribute to solving environmental challenges.

Over the last fifty years, environmental education has been recycled and adapted to the needs of the planet, but without losing sight of the two main objectives: awareness and participation. The last decade that we have just left, the environmental impact has been very present in our day-to-day lives, seeing how the need for action has become more important.

Environmental education is the key to achieving a better future and at Defeder we consider it as an education for sustainable development and the circular economy. We are a company committed to the environment and a mission of Defeder is to end the problem of punished lands, among others. If the educational system is rethought, better sustainable models can be achieved both economically and socially.



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