Business meeting on the occasion of the good year harvested

Last Friday, June 17, the entire staff of Defeder Alcolea SL we met to celebrate after the hard and successful work carried out throughout the year 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

The meeting between the two production factories allowed the meeting of all the employees, reinforcing our sense of belonging and team cohesion.

During the day, we were able to taste food from Aragon, promoting them, as members of the Círculo Agroalimentario de Aragón. The new colleagues were introduced, we visited the two work facilities (both in the town of Monzón and in Albalate de Cinca) to get to know in depth those corners that are not reached on a day-to-day basis... and we shared a lot of laughs and funny stories.

We want to share with all of you, our readers, this wonderful day that we had. We do not forget about you, so we have established guidelines and guidelines so that you can be proud of us as a company.

We enjoyed a wonderful day, from which we emerged more united as a team, motivated and committed to achieving the goals set for the remainder of 2022.