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International Mother Earth Day

This Friday, April 22, we celebrate International Mother Earth Day, an official event proclaimed by the United Nations in 2009. Its promoter, US Senator Gaylord Nelson, established this day to create a common awareness of environmental problems. Many countries celebrate this day in the hope of striking a fair balance between the economic, social, and […]

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The CAP eco-schemes

The importance of conserving the environment lies in the very importance of the environment, since we all live in it. Therefore, if we want to ensure our own survival and well-being, and that of other living beings, we must worry about their care and protection. The strategic plan designed by Spain to develop the 2023-2027 […]

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Defeder has reached a collaboration agreement with Cáritas Dicocesana de Barbastro-Monzón, for the employment of people with disabilities

Defeder has reached a collaboration agreement with Cáritas Diocesana Barbastro Monzón, for the employment of people with disabilities. And the result of this agreement has been the incorporation on February 21 of Daniel Mateos Carrero. Daniel, 34, makes the leap to the professional world after passing through the Insertare Special Employment Center and the Nazareth […]

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Why is it so important to follow a circular economy strategy?

One of the main objectives of Defeder is that the management model of the Circular Economy strategy that we apply is replicated by as many entities as possible. To do this, we make society aware of why this model has greater advantages than the “famous” linear economy model. The Circular Economy is an economic concept […]

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Carmen Urbano visits Defeder

A few weeks ago we had a pleasant visit, at our Monzón facilities, from the general director of Agrifood Promotion and Innovation, Carmen Urbano. Joaquín Saila, founding partner of Defeder together with his brother Raúl, and Juan Monter, Director of Operations, were wonderful hosts explaining the operation of the company’s facilities and projections. Due to […]

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New EU Regulation for organic production in agriculture

Last January 1, with the entry of the new year, has also brought the new EU regulation for organic production into application. At Defeder, we want to inform our agricultural readers about these new changes. During this 2022 there will be the coexistence of both certificates because the end of validity of certificates issued under […]

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Finalists XII Edition Adea Awards

On December 2, the XII Edition of the ADEA Awards was held. These awards are awards that recognize the work of managers in each of the activity areas of companies located in Aragon and that are delivered in eleven different categories. Defeder Alcolea was a finalist along with two other companies in the category for […]

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Defeder and his commitment to the SDGs

On September 25, 2015, world leaders adopted a set of global goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each objective has specific goals that must be achieved in the next 15 years. The growth that the company Defeder has been experiencing in […]

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Quality and traceability control in our processes

When we talk about offering the highest quality in our 100% organic fertilizers, what we mean at Defeder is that we refer to the set of properties and characteristics of the same, which give them the necessary properties to satisfy all the needs of our clients. In the quality analysis of an organic fertilizer, as […]

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Fertilization in olive trees

The correct fertilization of the olive tree is an issue that worries many of our readers and customers, so in this post we are going to explain how to provide the most deficient nutrients to the olive tree. To know the needs of our olive tree, a soil analysis is usually convenient, which allows us […]

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SME Award of the year 2021

We are in luck! On September 16 we received the prize for Internationalization at the V Pyme Award gala of the year 2021 in Huesca. An award, granted by Banco Santander and the Chamber of Commerce of Huesca, in collaboration with the Chamber of Spain and the Diario del Alto Aragón, which has had the […]

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