Circular Aragon Stamp: Recognizing the commitment of 73 companies and entities to the circular economy.

The momentum towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly economic model continues to gain strength in different regions of the world. In this sense, Aragon, one of the autonomous communities of Spain, has taken a significant step towards the circular economy by recognizing the efforts of 73 companies and entities with the prestigious 'Circular Aragon Stamp'.

On July 1st, 2023, the news about the "Circular Aragon Stamp" distinction was announced by the newspaper, arousing interest and attention from both the business community and the general public. This initiative, driven by the Government of Aragon, aims to highlight and reward the efforts of those companies and organizations that have actively committed to adopting sustainable business practices and models.

The commitment to sustainability and the circular economy of companies in Aragon

The circular economy is based on the idea of reducing, reusing, recycling, and regenerating, as opposed to the traditional linear model of "take, make, dispose." In this way, the aim is to minimize waste production and the use of natural resources, promoting the creation of more efficient and environmentally friendly value chains.

The 73 companies and entities recognized with the "Circular Aragon Stamp" have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability through various innovative actions and initiatives. These range from implementing cleaner production practices and responsibly using resources to promoting recycling and integrating environmental criteria into their business decision-making.

The "Circular Aragon Stamp" not only recognizes the previous work done by these companies and entities but also aims to encourage other companies to follow their example, thus contributing to a transition towards a more environmentally responsible economic model.

With this initiative, Aragon positions itself as a benchmark in the field of circular economy in Spain and Europe. The drive and commitment of these 73 companies and entities represent a step forward in building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Defeder, a company awarded for its commitment to the circular economy

Among the awarded entities in the province of Huesca, we are thrilled to announce that Defeder has received the distinction along with other companies and municipalities, such as: the City Councils of Sabiñánigo and Barbastro, and the regions of Bajo Cinca and Alto Gállego, Becton Dickinson, the Technological Recycling Association, and the Alto Aragonese SMEs Somontano Social, Bugcle Bioindustries, Cinca Limpieza y Presión, Espacio Diseño, Eboca Vending, and Carinsertas.

Among all the represented sectors are manufacturing industry, sustainable tourism, agriculture, and technology, which demonstrates that the commitment to the circular economy is present in different economic areas.

From Defeder, we want to congratulate all the companies and entities that have been recognized with the "Circular Aragon Stamp" and applaud their contribution to building a more sustainable future for future generations. We hope that this type of initiative inspires more companies and organizations to join the path towards a circular and sustainable economy, for the benefit of our planet and all of us.