Defeder is the company dedicated to the manufacture of 100% ecological and eco-viable fertilizers for ecological agriculture and livestock from organic raw materials.

Defeder is a family business created in 2008 by the brothers Joaquín and Raúl Saila, committed to the environment and betting on the circular economy.

Responsibility and quality define the founders, with continuous growth in the national and international market.

Our goal is to standardize ecological and organic fertilization worldwide. We want to become the leading company in 100% ecological and eco-viable fertilizers made from quality raw materials. Defeder wants to be the company most committed to the environment, for this, we have a wide variety of solid organic fertilizers with NPK that are adjusted to the needs of each type of soil and crop.

We want to end the problem of punished lands to achieve sustainable agriculture, which allows professionals to dedicate themselves to the field.

We firmly believe in the power of organic farming in Spain and beyond our borders.

In addition, we use organic and natural raw materials carefully selected suitable for the production of products for animal and pet food. Organic animal remains with high nutrient compositions that make our raw materials have high levels of proteins, fats, vitamins, always taking care of the highest quality. We promote Animal Nutrition.

Defeder is circular economy.


End the problem of damaged farmland through organic products.

Offering our customers a personalized attention and service.


To be the leading company in 100% ecological and eco-friendly fertilizers, made from quality organic raw materials.

To be the company most committed to the environment by offering the most suitable organic fertilizers for each type of soil and crop.


100% Ecological

Zero waste







Human talent


The origin of Defeder dates back to 2008 when Raúl and Joaquín Saila had an idea, an initiative. 

In their daily lives as high school teachers, they were curious about the business world. They began in a light way to distribute ecological fertilizers from raw materials from farms in small quantities, which was relatively simple being in an agricultural and livestock area. They saw the opportunity, they found the key, they managed to make products that accelerate the growth of crops, they had pleasant and unpleasant surprises. And little by little they realized that there was a great opportunity and considered leaving their beloved teaching profession and betting everything on organic 100% fertilizers. 

Therefore, they embarked on Defeder, a new world of ecological fertilizers to discover, to champion, to evangelize; But they were very clear about their purpose, that of ending the problem of punished lands and having a network of organic products. They had to create something different from what was on the market and that would serve organic and traditional agriculture.

They realized that companies were following a linear economy strategy. Raw materials that were wasted could have a second life. Therefore, they began to collect this organic waste and work on it to obtain products with ideal levels of micronutrients that could be adapted to all types of fields and crops. The fundamental purpose above all was that Defeder has always followed a strategy of circular economy.

Above all, it was about finding product quality above all and a decision to achieve it, which required effort and perseverance. For this reason, when coming up with the name of the company, they thought about combining the surnames of two athletes that they admire the most, and who have values that Joaquín and Raúl consider non-negotiable: Roger Federer quality and the effort of Gervasio Deferr, that is, the union of those two great names, Defeder, in turn, added Alcolea, the town where “Alcolea de Cinca” are natives, in Huesca in honor of their family. 

Little by little they began to work in two directions, on the one hand, the manufacturing and marketing of organic 100% fertilizers, and, on the other, the sale of raw material for animal feed. 

Thus, Defeder has become today a family business specialized in the manufacture of ecological and eco-viable 100% fertilizers for agriculture and livestock. 

Defeder's objective has been and is now more than ever product quality and continuous innovation. Fertilizers are manufactured from a production and consumption model that involves taking advantage of animal and plant raw materials to give them another utility, another use, another life again. Defeder has managed to standardize organic fertilization in Spain and in more than 23 countries outside its borders. Defeder is constantly growing materials, marketing and business volumes at very strong growth rates, thanks among other things to the acquisition of companies such as  Oscaphos and Calcisol; with which it has expanded the product catalog by adding conventional fertilizers, calcium amendments, special products and organo-mineral fertilizers to its already wide range of products and which in turn has consolidated its distribution. 


We offer the highest quality in our organic 100% fertilizers. In the quality analysis of an organic fertilizer, in addition to its intrinsic properties, issues relating to production, processing and marketing must also be assessed.

In Defeder, we carry out an exhaustive quality control in the production processes of our fertilizers thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, directed by our great team of chemists and biologists who supervise all our processes. Thus, as in the choice of all the raw materials involved in said production. In this way, we guarantee our clients the highest quality and efficiency of our products to meet your needs.

Fulfilling commitments

We guarantee a healthy life and promote the well-being of our workers.

We guarantee the sustainable management and sanitation of our waters.

We promote the
sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

We encourage innovation and promote sustainable industrialization.

We are committed to reducing inequalities.

Our goal is to make cities inclusive, safe and sustainable.

We take action to combat climate change.

We guarantee sustainable consumption and production modalities.

We fight against desertification and the loss of biodiversity.


At Defeder we export organic fertilizers to more than 22 countries distributed in 3 continents and thanks to this international expansion, in 2021 we received the Empresa Huesca Award for Internationalization and the Pyme Santander award also for Internationalization.

From the beginning, Defeder was oriented towards being present in international markets, meeting their needs and adapting their products for markets other than the Spanish ones. We were able to identify that organic farming was highly developed in certain countries and that Spain had a very large market for usable waste for this eco market, more developed abroad.

We want to be leaders in Spain to promote the Defeder brand in the national territory and to other international markets to spread the Aragon brand throughout the global geography.

One of our objectives for the year 2023 is to bring the Aragón brand to the Latin American markets.

In addition, we are developing cooperation projects with other countries.

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