Family business created in 2008. Responsibility and quality define the founding brothers, with continuous growth in the national and international market.

Committed to the environment, we follow a circular economy strategy to be able to offer the best product to our customers.

Defeder is the leading company in the manufacture of 100% ecological and eco-viable fertilisers for organic agriculture and livestock from organic raw materials.

Defeder is a family business created in 2008 by brothers Joaquín and Raúl Saila, committed to the environment and the circular economy.

Responsibility and quality define the founders, with a continuous growth in the national and international market.

Our goal is to standardize ecological and organic fertilization worldwide. We want to become the leading company for 100% ecological and eco-viable fertilizers made from quality raw materials. Defeder wants to be the company most committed to the environment, for this, we have a wide variety of solid organic fertilizers with NPK that fit the needs of each type of soil and crop.

We want to put an end to the problem of the land that is being damaged in order to achieve a sustainable agriculture, which allows the professional to dedicate himself to the field.

We firmly believe in the power of organic farming in Spain and beyond our borders. Defeder is circular economy.


Ecological and 100% organic farming
Zero residue
Quality raw materials
Being an eco-viable company creating value and differentiation


End a reality of punished lands and the need for organic matter
Develop a network of organics for application in each crop
Offer our clients personalized attention and service

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