Defeder accelerates its growth with the acquisition of Calcisol: A key step in the expansion of ecological products

In Defeder We are taking great steps towards expansion and diversification and therefore, we would like to announce the acquisition of Calcisol, a company based in Guipúzcoa specialized in fertilizers and calcium amendments.

This acquisition represents a strategic milestone in the evolution of the company, since it will allow us to significantly increase production and expand the product catalog. At Defeder, we have been standing out for years for our commitment to sustainability and the production of ecological products from organic raw materials and therefore, with the inclusion of Calcisol In our portfolio, the company enters the segment of mineral fertilizers, a Calcisol specialty.

And Calcisol, initially known for its range of basic mineral amendments under the brand CalciTrade, has evolved in recent years towards the production of organic fertilizers and amendments of animal and/or plant origin, as well as biocontrol products and innovative agronomic solutions under the brand Cal'Meléon.

Joaquin Saila has commented on the acquisition that the incorporation of Calcisol into the group provides the opportunity to expand its presence in the market, offering its customers a more diverse range of ecological and organic fertilizers, backed by high quality NPK values.

This operation strengthens Defeder's presence in the Spanish and French markets and cements its position as one of thehe leaders in Europe in the manufacture and sale of sustainable and organic fertilizers. Thus, we demonstrate our continued commitment to sustainable agriculture and the circular economy, the great commitment to R&D&i and the vision of a healthier future, driving success in the agriculture and animal feed market. With the acquisition of Calcisol, our company embarks on an exciting new chapter, offering farmers and agricultural professionals a range widest range of ecological and sustainable options. This partnership promises benefits for both the company and the environment, paving the way towards a greener and more prosperous agricultural future.