Defeder adds 15 new products to its catalog

In Defeder We continue to innovate and offer the best fertilizers for the field and for this reason, we are pleased to inform you that we have launched a innovative catalog with 15 new products designed to transform agriculture. These products, our commitment to preserving the earth and its resources, are a promising addition to Defeder's current portfolio.

Betting on the future

The Defeder fertilizers They are more than nutrients for the soil; They are a declaration of commitment to organic and eco-viable agriculture. The new range of products focuses on deeply nourishing the soil, providing the essential elements that crops need to thrive. But beyond their basic function, these fertilizers also act as guardians of the earth, ensuring long-term protection and environmental balance.

With the use of top quality raw materials, the company maintains its commitment to quality and sustainability. Each bag of fertilizer is an investment in the future of the earth, built on carefully selected ingredients that respect both nature and farmers.

A new catalog for all fields and crops

The new classification of Defeder fertilizers is divided as follows to cover all the needs, both of the land and of the different crops, according to the type of soil and the seasons:

  • Organic fertilizers: Nitroplus, FertiAvi, BioComplet, BioFos, OviFert, Nutricomplet and OrgaPot.
  • Organo-mineral fertilizers: Cealfosca, Oscafru, Oscage, Oscanit, Oscamix, Oscaorg... with all the necessary elements for balanced vegetative development. 
  • Calcium amendments: CalciTrade, Granul Plus… all the products of our Calcisol acquisition. 
  • Special products: Aminocuivre, Bioactiv, Bioprotech, Revisionalisation Plus and Mycofertil
  • Raw materials: includes all products for animal feed, petfood, fish farming and organic farming. 

Driving positive change

The CEO of Defeder Joaquin Saila, highlighted the importance of this portfolio expansion: «Sustainable agriculture is the way of the future, and at Defeder, we are committed to leading that way. The addition of these new products reflects our desire to provide farmers with the tools necessary to farm responsibly and efficiently. We are convinced that this expansion of our catalog will not only benefit farmers, but will also contribute to the long-term well-being of our planet. "We believe in a future where agriculture and ecology coexist harmoniously, and these fertilizers are a solid step in that direction," Saila stated.

With this expansion, Defeder reaffirms its position as a leader in the organic and conventional fertilizer market, demonstrating that sustainability and effectiveness can coexist.