Defeder celebrates its 15 years of success and commitment to eco-viability

Today, sustainability and respect for the environment are more than just words; They are fundamental values that are transforming the agri-food industry. In this context, in Defeder We celebrate this year 15th anniversary of the company reaffirming our commitment to ecoviability and sustainable agricultural production.

And to do this, we have decided to hold an exciting event at the Defeder headquarters, where a group of journalists specialized in agriculture, They have had the opportunity to delve into the heart of our company to learn more about our products and our sustainable practices. A great plan!

The pillar of ecoviability

Defeder has made the ecoviability its fundamental principle from day one. This approach is based on the idea that sustainable agriculture and respect for the environment are essential to ensure a prosperous future for both farmers and the planet.

During the visit, Raúl and Joaquin Saila, owners of the company, shared with journalists how Defeder works with ecological 100% fertilizers and raw materials for animal feed.

The name Defeder Alcolea, as the company was named in the beginning, came about from the union of the surnames of two athletes, who have values that they consider non-negotiable: the quality of Roger Federer and the effort of Gervasio Deferr. In addition, they included the town of Alcolea in the name because they are both from Alcolea de Cinca, in Huesca.

Innovation and quality in fertilizers

One of the highlights of the visit was the tour of the production plant of Defeder. Journalists were able to see how they are used cutting-edge technologies for the manufacture of ecological fertilizers. From the selection of raw materials to production processes, Defeder strives to ensure that its products are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

The visit to the Defeder plant was an eye-opening experience that highlights the fundamental role of eco-viability in food production. This company not only produces high-quality ecological fertilizers, but also leads the way towards a more sustainable agricultural future.

Commitment to community, expansion and a green future

Defeder not only focuses on sustainable production of ecological fertilizers and raw materials for animal feed, but also has a strong commitment to local communities. To conclude the visit, the journalists learned closely about the company's social responsibility programs, which include training for local farmers and projects to promote organic farming.

Furthermore, recently Defeder's line of expansion has included the acquisition of Oscafos, in Albelda, and now the future lies in finding international partners for integration and growth that are distributed throughout France, Belgium, Italy and Portugal, carrying out scalable growth that requires more productive capacity, always with the same parameters of absolute quality control, and more opening of markets.

As we move towards a world where sustainability is essential, Defeder continues to be a beacon of hope and an inspiring example for the agri-food industry. And, at Defeder, we are not only celebrating 15 years of success, but we are also building a greener future for all of us, together with many more years of success, quality and sustainability. Happy Birthday!