A few days ago, the program Start TV came to visit the facilities of Defeder, to learn a little more about our company and the creation of Defeder. And, since its inception, the company has represented a fundamental pillar in the agricultural industry, committed not only to the health of the soil, but also to the values that drive its work.

A few days ago, the Emprende TV program came to pay a visit to the Defeder facilities , to learn more about our business and the creation of Defeder. And, after its creation, the enterprise represents a fundamental pillar of the agricultural sector, engaged non seulement in the santé of the suns, but also in the values that animent are working. Roger Federer and Gervasio Defer, reflecting the dedication and commitment that Defeder has demonstrated since its inception. With a focus on continuous effort and the constant pursuit of excellence, the brand has set a high standard in the production of ecological fertilizers.

During the visit to Defeder's facilities, cameras captured the very essence of the company: a dedicated team working tirelessly to deliver the highest quality products. Since the selection of raw materials to manufacturing processes, Every step is carried out with precision and care, ensuring that the final products meet the highest standards and respect the environment.

In addition to exploring the technical aspects of production, the show also took the time to chat with Miguel Abadías, a Defeder client who told why he buys our fertilizers for his farm products. Abadías shared his personal experience, highlighting the benefits of the brand and the positive impact they have had on its cultivation. His testimony serves as a reminder to the public of Defeder's commitment to customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of their products.

In summary, Emprende TV's coverage offered a comprehensive view of Defeder, from its beginnings to its current position as a leader in ecological fertilizers. The Saila brothers' company continues to be a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the agricultural industry, demonstrating that success can be achieved without compromising our deepest values.

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