Defeder present at the Fruit Attraction fair

The Fruit Attractiontradeshow, held in Madrid from 3rd-5th October, is one of the most prominent events in the world of agriculture and the fruit and vegetable industry. In this edition, we have seen exciting news and trends that are transforming the way we look at agriculture and sustainability. In the midst of this bustle, Defeder has had the opportunity to attend the tradeshow with a clear message: the ecology, the circular economy and eco-viability are fundamental for the future of agriculture.

What have been the news and trends at Fruit Attraction 2023?

Fruit Attraction has always been a beacon of innovation in the agricultural industry and this year is no exception. The trends that stand out in the 2023 edition are:

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Increasingly, farmers are seeking sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact. From reducing the use of chemical pesticides to adopting regenerative agriculture practices, sustainability is at the center of the discussions.
  • Digitalization: Technology has become essential in modern agriculture. From process automation to data management for more informed decision-making, digitalization is revolutionizing the way fruits and vegetables are grown and marketed.
  • Circular Economy: This form of economy has become a key focus in the agricultural industry. Reuse, recycling and waste reduction are becoming common practices to minimize environmental impact.

Defeder at Fruit Attraction: A focus on ecology and the circular economy

Although Defeder did not have a physical stand on this occasion, its presence at the event has been very significant, holding interesting meetings with farmers, suppliers and other industry players, thus showing the company's commitment to innovation and sustainability.  

Defeder's message aims to lay the foundations for a future in which agriculture involves responsible practices that protect our environment and promote the health of crops and soil. Our company is leading that path, and its presence at Fruit Attraction 2023 is a showcase to show the testimony of our contribution to a greener and more sustainable future for agriculture. See you again next year!