Defeder, for the third consecutive year, grows at a rate of 40%

We are very happy to share with all of you the economic results that we have achieved this past year 2020, despite the circumstances of COVID and the serious economic crisis that practically all companies in the country are going through. However, the agriculture has been able to maintain its place in the economic sector, and if it is also "agriculture ecological”, better. For this reason, Defeder has once again achieved a billing growth of the 40% in the year 2020, going from 80,000 tons of product sold in 2019, to 108,000 tons of products in 2020. The total turnover of the company has exceeded 24 million euros.

In addition, the Defeder team has also increased and we are now 26 employees at Defeder, with new colleagues in the commercial, R+D+i, production, and quality areas. We want to establish ourselves as one leading company in Spain in the sector of organic fertilizers and animal feeding (pet-food).

In 2020 we achieved major milestones: increased production and improves quality; consolidate and expand into new markets; launch of a digital presence through communication on social networks and a new website, all this under the firm and determined commitment to the circular economy and the ecoviability.

2021 is presented as a strategic year for the company, continuing with investments in R+D+i, storage of raw materials, final product, product quality and continuous examination of new sustainable raw materials from the circular economy. In turn, with a clear focus on increasing visibility in the organic fertilizers sector and consolidating our commitment to the environment by carrying out corporate social responsibility actions.

Thank you all for making it possible Defeder Keep growing!