Defeder in the Alia logistics cluster

A few days ago, our colleague Diana Alexandru participated in the breakfast-discussion organized by the Aragon logistics cluster (ALIA).

ALIA is a group of private companies that was born in 2010 motivated by an initiative developed by a group of Aragonese companies and research centers to face the challenge of competitive improvement based on collaborative and innovation tools, and overcome the need for integration that dominated the industry.

His mission is to improve the competitiveness of the member companies of ALIA, through collaboration, knowledge, internationalization and logistics innovation in Aragon and, in parallel, add value to society.

And his vision To be a reference in Aragon, in order to promote logistics excellence to improve the competitiveness of their companies.

since a couple of months Defeder is part of this association and his participation in the conference, a few days ago, was organized by ESIC and Diario del Alto Aragón in collaboration with AMEPHU/ BPW Aragón and CEOS CEPYME CINCA MEDIO.

The conference dealt with logistics in Monzón and the colloquium touched on current issues such as the global maritime transport crisis, supply chains in these uncertain times and how to deal with an unstable international environment.

The geostrategic situation of Monzón's business fabric was also highlighted, as well as its proximity and good connection to large cities and port terminals.

Diana explained how the day of the logistics department developed during the 2 weeks that the carriers' strike lasted and in which area it affected Defeder the most: national, international, import and export. He also explained the need to support educational centers from the point of view of companies and the importance of specialized human capital in order to cover the demand for work that exists in Spain.

For Joaquín and Raúl Saila, belonging to this association gives them another level on the reputation scale as well as the additional visibility they need in the province of Aragón.