Defeder actively contributes to complying with the European Green Pact

From Defeder We have always followed a circular economy and environmental care strategy. In 2030, according to the regulations of the European Union, the 25% of arable soil must be with organic fertilizer. Currently, only 8.5% is an area planted with organic fertilizer in Europe, and the challenge is to meet that 25% by 2030.

Spain has entered the third position of the countries with the largest organic area worldwide, with 2.4 million hectares, behind Australia and Argentina. For this reason, Defeder's contribution to be able to comply with the European Green Pact is essential, since we are a company specialized in the development of 100% ecological and ecoviable products for agriculture, producing 80,000 tons of product last year, increasing this amount by 30% each year.

The year 2021 continues to be critical due to the situation we are experiencing, however, Defeder's activity has not diminished. We consider it vitally important to join efforts among all the companies in the ecological sector in order to achieve the objective.

We are delighted to contribute to the regulations of the European Union and it is a pride for us to feed the sustainability of the planet and combat climate change and environmental degradation.