Defeder continues to bet on sustainability with the acquisition of electric vans

Defeder keep betting on being one andsustainable company and now, we have decided to develop simple and accessible solutions, in order to be more respectful with the environment.

For this reason, we have replaced conventional vehicles for our internal journeys between factories, with electric vans. And why have we taken this step? Because it entails important benefits for the environment, reduction of CO2 emissions, reducing our carbon footprint, etc.

This transport is beginning to be used by the R+D+i department to transport all laboratory tests. But the idea is to continue expanding it to more departments and in the short term to be able to have a fleet of electric vehicles in the organization.

5 benefits of using electric vans for work

There are several reasons why it is beneficial for companies to use electric vans instead of internal combustion vehicles. We tell you!

  • Cost savings: electric vans have maintenance costs and lower operation than internal combustion vehicles, since they do not require oil changes, air filters or spark plugs. Also, fuel costs are significantly lower, since electricity is cheaper than gasoline or diesel.

  • Emission reduction: electric vans do not emit exhaust gases and therefore do not contribute to the pollution from air. This can be especially important for companies that operate in urban areas where air quality is an issue.

  • Regulatory Compliance: in some places, there rregulations and regulations that limit or even prohibit the circulation of internal combustion vehicles in certain areas or at certain times. Electric vans can allow companies to comply with these regulations and avoid fines or penalties.

  • Corporate image: the use of electric vehicles can improve the corporate image of a company and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.

  • Incentives and grants: Currently, there are many subsidies when buying electric vehicles and also, there are many agreements with companies of renting, with which we have closed, in order to have electric and hybrid cars in perfect condition and with their maintenance included.

In summary, electric vans can help companies save costs, reduce emissions, comply with regulations, and also improve their corporate image. It's all advantages!

Being more sustainable is very simple with small actions both personally and within organizations. Defeder factory organic 100% fertilizers and ecoviable and for this reason, their plans for this year focus on actions that, at all times, promote sustainable agriculture. Let's work more for the environment and your health!