Defeder launches three new products: Nutricomplet, Biofos and Orgapot

Our company continues to grow and we can already tell you that we have launched three new products that respond to new production and customer needs.

As you know, our objective is to standardize ecological and organic fertilization worldwide and for this reason, we would like to continue growing in ecological and ecoviable solutions made from quality raw materials .

We are a company committed to the environment and our wide variety of organic solid fertilizers adjust to the needs of each type of soil and crop. One of our business goals is to end the problem of punished land to achieve sustainable agriculture , which allows professionals to dedicate themselves to the field. For this reason, we believe in the power of organic farming in Spain and we want to continue surprising our customers with products of exceptional quality, always developing new products with great work behind R+D+I.

Defender's new products

In our constant work to innovate, it is time to introduce you to the 3 new products that we have just launched on the market. We tell you what they are:

  • Nutricomplet: Nitrogenous organic fertilizer of animal origin.
  • Orgapot: Solid NPK organo-mineral fertilizer. Combination of various sources of organic potassium.
  • Biophos: NP organic fertilizer of animal origin, based on a combination of various sources of organic phosphorus.

With this launch of products, our fertilizer company consolidates itself in the market and continues to position itself as one of the leaders in Europe in the manufacture and sale of ecological and organic fertilizers.

"The new products allow us to considerably increase production, expand the range of applications in the fields and reach more customers to offer them a greater variety of organic fertilizers, according to their needs, with more nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium", comments Joaquin Saila, founding partner of Defeder.

And he remembers, the great human team that we make up, we are always available to advise you which products are the best for your crops and your field.