Discover how we make our organic fertilizers in a sustainable way

At Defeder, we are proud to offer products that not only promote the health of your crops, but also that of the planet. Our ecological fertilizers are the result of a meticulous manufacturing process committed to environmental sustainability. In this post, we'll take you behind the scenes to learn about the processes that make our high-quality products possible.

Selection of Sustainable Raw Materials

It all starts with the selection of raw materials of the highest quality and from sustainable sources. We make sure to work with suppliers who share our vision of protecting the environment and promoting responsible agricultural practices. We use organic and natural ingredients that are friendly to both the soil and the living beings that live in it.

Manufacturing Process Manager

Once we have our raw materials, we move on to the manufacturing process. Here, we prioritize energy efficiency and waste reduction. Our facilities are designed to minimize the consumption of natural resources and maximize the reuse and recycling of materials. Additionally, we implement manufacturing practices that guarantee the safety and well-being of our workers.

Cutting-edge Technology for Quality Products

Defeder s'engage en faveur de l’innovation et la technologie de pointe. La technologie POWERDEF comprend les équipements les plus modernes et les techniques avancées pour garantir l'uniformité et la qualité de nos engrais. Notre département R&D&I travaille constamment à améliorer nos formules et à les adapter aux besoins spécifiques de nos clients.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to environmental sustainability goes beyond the manufacturing of our products. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and promote regenerative agricultural practices. Additionally, we collaborate with local organizations and communities to support conservation and sustainable development initiatives.


Notre engagement envers l’avenir durable va au-delà de la fabrication de nos produits. Nous sommes constamment à la recherche d’outils pour réduire notre empreinte carbone et de promouvoir des pratiques agricoles régénératrices. De plus, nous collaborons avec des organisations et des communautés locales pour soutenir les initiatives de conservation et de développement durable.

Thank you for trusting Defeder Alcolea SL for your ecological fertilization needs! For more information about our products and processes, visit our Web.