Organic fertilization for vineyards

viticulture It is the science of cultivating the vine or vine, for the elaboration of the wine or to use its grapes as consumption in a natural way. The viticulturist, through a set of agronomic practices and techniques, is the person in charge of carrying out these works. viticulture It is a branch of the science of fruit growing.

Organic viticulture is the branch of organic agriculture dedicated to the cultivation of grapes in an organic way and to be considered organic viticulture, a group of soil, vineyard and environmental management techniques must be met that must be carried out. cape.

Nowadays, the term is very present in our society. ecological and sustainable viticulture, a concept that seeks respect for the environment without affecting the quality of our crops.

We could define the sustainable viticulture as the way to carry out viticulture in a manner consistent with the principles of sustainability, that is, an economically efficient, socially equitable and ecologically tolerable model.

organic viticulture it's not just the replacement of synthetic chemicals by others allowed by organic production, if it does not require practices such as changes in the production system, improving the natural fertility of the soil, reducing waste, optimizing production methods, all to conserve and protect the environment and to ensure economic viability.

A healthy and quality vineyard depends to a large extent on the fertilization that it is carried out, it also makes more sense if possible when it comes to a product as precious as wine. Through fertilization, the necessary nutrients are provided for the development of the vines.

He nitrogen influences the winemaking process. We must consider that yeasts need nitrogen (among other nutrients) and the organoleptic quality of the wine is proportional to the proper functioning of the fermentation, and this to a correct nutrition of the yeasts.

The needs of match in the vineyard they are much lower than those of N and K, for this reason the presence of deficiency symptoms is not very frequent.

He potassium It has an important role in photosynthesis, carbohydrate translocation, and protein synthesis.

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