Ecological quality certifications as product differentiation

The environment needs us, just like we need it, which is why it is essential to become aware of it and protect it in the best possible way. In this sense, organic production takes on great importance, which promotes a production style that is respectful of our environment.

This type of production involves a great effort on the part of the companies and workers, as well as good quality control, and, therefore, must be valued and recognized. This is where ecological certifiers such as ECOCERT, CAAE and SOHISCERT come in.

Obtaining these certifications allows the differentiation of companies and their products, and recognizes all the effort made to achieve quality products, while being respectful of the environment.

In addition, this type of certification allows you to increase the confidence of commercial relations, since you have the peace of mind that a specialized external company periodically controls that the established guidelines are met.

Recently, the UNE 142500 Standard has appeared, and many of these certifiers are already implementing this standard as a guide for certification, which will add even more value and differentiation to companies and products that have these certifications.

For these reasons, and many other advantages, DEFEDER ALCOLEA is committed to continuous improvement and embarks every year on the renewal and request of new ecological certifications that recognize and value all the effort made in the manufacture of its products in accordance with the highest standards. quality standards in the field of organic farming and promoting the circular economy as a business basis.


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