Great recognition in the field of Social Responsibility: Eboca and Aspanoa celebrate their distinctions at the RSA Gala in Aragón

At an outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) gala held last Wednesday, December 20 in Zaragoza, tribute was paid to various organizations, including Eboca and Aspanoa, for their outstanding work in this field. The gala, organized by the Government of Aragon, recognized a total of almost 1,450 companies and organizations, granting them RSA seals, including us, and of which 206 were categorized as RSA+. The delivery of these seals highlights the commitment and positive contribution of these entities to society.

The Eboca award and its FERTCAFÉ project

Eboca obtained the RSA Award in the SME category for his outstanding project, FERTCAFE. In collaboration with Viñas del Vero and our Defeder company, Eboca has led an incredible project that consists of transforming coffee grounds into a valuable resource: an ecological biofertilizer.

The main objective of FERTCAFÉ is to contribute to the circular economy in Aragon, developing a biofertilizer from coffee waste generated by Eboca machines. The initiative especially seeks to increase the profitability and sustainability of agricultural farms. This project has been aligned with the recent Law on Waste and Contaminated Soils for a circular economy.

Other notable winners in a night full of emotions

Not only Eboca and Aspanoa received awards; The specific work of other notable entities was also highlighted, such as Sphere Group, Ibersyd and our neighbor from Montisonné Marisol Morell, the latter as autonomous, who were awarded in different categories by the Executive.

The general director of Economic Policy, Javier Martínez, underlined the importance of these acts of recognition, highlighting the exemplary behavior of these companies with society. Martínez highlighted the commitment of the Aragonese economy in supporting workers and society in general, emphasizing that recognizing good practices values talent and encourages the return of those who wish to contribute to the development of the region.

He RSA stamp, an integral part of the Social Responsibility Plan of the Aragonese Development Institute, is awarded to companies and entities that demonstrate a real commitment through the implementation or adoption of Social Responsibility measures. This recognition highlights organizations that work tirelessly to maintain and strengthen these practices.

With a record of 1,443 participating organizations, the current edition of the RSA Plan has registered 887 SMEs, 321 entities, 123 large companies and public companies, as well as 112 self-employed workers. This milestone represents a new mark in recognition through this seal, with a 95 percent renewal rate for those who already possessed it last year.

Additionally, 206 companies were awarded the RSA+ Seal, a badge that certifies the additional commitment of organizations in aspects such as the reconciliation of work and personal life, equality, participation in corporate volunteering, social action and the promotion of culture. These recognitions underline the companies' continuous effort to go further in the promotion of social well-being and sustainability.

For us it is a huge honor that our colleagues at Eboca have received this award that, for us, is a little bit of ours too. 😊.