R + D + i: what is the same research, development and innovation, is a new concept adapted to studies related to technological and investigative progress focused on the advancement of society, being one of the most important parts within technologies informative.

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The R + D + i department works continuously to develop and innovate raw materials to give new life to products from other industries and obtain a higher yield from crops without forgetting our origin and main value: the quality.

We seek extreme quality in all our processes, from organic origins to the final product that we create to offer an excellent service to our customers.

Defeder stands out for the differentiation of your product. Both the organic 100% fertilizers, as well as the raw material for agriculture and animal feed, provide the necessary nutrients that the consumer demands.

Our fertilizers contain a high organic matter stability index. Getting a high % from ISM is a must for all arable soils.

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Soils from Spain

Defeder products are totally suitable for all types of floors. What really differentiates its effectiveness is the application dose in each case, according to the intrinsic parameters of each type of soil, thus offering a powerful and natural tool to correct and balance (balance) soils making them suitable for all Type of crop.

In addition, at Defeder, we have a personalized advice and we help you define the type of fertilizer that best suits your soil and the amount of npk that should be administered. Tell us what your soil is like and we will be happy to advise you.

Spain has a great diversity of soil types. soils exist limestone, (from the Pyrenees to the Basque Country), soils siliceous (from Galicia to Madrid and western Andalusia), soils clayey (covering both Castillas, Ebro and Guadalquivir) and in the Canary Islands, soils volcanic. Counting on the fact that they can also be Oceanic climate, such as the soils of Galicia or of Mediterranean climate, like the soils of the east of the peninsula.

For this reason, call us and we will inform you of the organic fertilizer Defeder that best adapts to your soil, so that you optimize your harvests and your fields are always in perfect condition.

Last generation

Defeder is very involved with research, development and innovation. Thanks to the availability of state-of-the-art machinery in our own laboratory of R+D+i, made up of biologists and chemists, we try to design the most innovative formulas through our POWERDEF technology. In short, thanks to our greatest advantage: the great human team that we form, we manage to advise you in a clear, concise and quality manner.

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