International Mother Earth Day

This Friday April 22 we celebrate International Mother Earth Day, an official anniversary proclaimed by the United Nations in 2009. Its promoter, US Senator Gaylord Nelson, established this day to create a common awareness of environmental problems.

Many countries celebrate this day with the hope of achieving a fair balance between the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations, as well as promoting harmony with nature and the Earth.

This day aims to make humanity aware of the problems generated by overpopulation, pollution, biodiversity conservation and other environmental concerns to protect the Earth.

Defeder, as a manufacturer of organic 100% fertilizers, celebrates and commemorates the International Mother Earth Day, emphasizing the importance of conserving biodiversity.

The planet demands our action to stop ocean pollution, extreme heat, forest fires, floods and other climatic events that have intensified in recent years due to climate change, one of the great threats we face today in day.

For this reason, Spain has achieved that 10% of the agricultural area is organic, becoming the first European country with the largest organic area and the third in the world. In addition, it aims to allocate 25% of agricultural land to organic farming by 2030.

Mother Earth is a common expression used to refer to planet Earth in various countries. This demonstrates the interdependence that exists between us and the planet on which we live, therefore, the care and maintenance of the flows of matter and energy, the conservation of other species, of the ecosystems, and of ourselves is the co-responsibility of all.

For all this, from Defeder, we want to remember today more than ever that it is important to change towards a more sustainable economy and our company has been committed to it from day one.

Happy International Mother Earth Day!