NPK, the basis of growth

Today we will briefly delve into plant nutrition. Plants, like all living beings, need proper nutrition in order to grow and complete their life cycle. For this, they need both macronutrients and micronutrients, precisely balanced depending on the phenological state in which they are found.

range of organic fertilizers npk (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) from DEFEDER, allow soils to be adapted by providing the three essential macronutrients for the correct development of crops, adjusting to their needs at all times.


He nitrogen, although it is abundantly present in the atmosphere, unfortunately it is not found in the forms assimilable by plants in general terms. This atmospheric nitrogen needs to be fixed and transformed in the soil in order to be assimilated by our plants, but even taking into account the nitrogen cycle, its availability in the soil is not sufficient for the high requirements of this element that our crops need. Nitrogen is a limiting factor in crop yields, since it is an essential component of vegetable proteins and chlorophyll. For all this, and due to its high mobility in the soil, it becomes the application of fertilizers rich in nitrogen, such as NPK organic fertilizers, which provide different forms of nitrogen, favoring more availability in the soil prolonged and stable.


On the other hand we have the match, which promotes root formation and is essential during the flowering and fruit formation. It is at that moment, when its contribution becomes almost essential, since it is a very little mobile element and its assimilable form is found in a very low proportion in our soils. The application of organic NPK fertilizers, rich in phosphorus, reduces the possibility of deficiencies that could cause growth deficiencies, as well as delayed flowering and fruit formation.


The third of these essential nutrients, but no less important, is potassium, which, like phosphorus, is present in the soil and its assimilable form is also limited. potassium It is involved in numerous metabolic processes, and in turn, favors the recovery of plants subjected to some type of stress and helps your immune system. Deficiencies of this main nutrient can cause delayed growth, defoliation, non-uniform ripening of the fruits and weaken the root system. Crops have a high demand for this element, especially fruit, and although it may be sufficient on occasions with soil reserves, on others it becomes necessary its contribution through fertilizerssuch as NPK organic fertilizers.

For example, organic fertilizer NitroPlus It offers a high level of nitrogen, between 11% and 12%, and is our flagship product for almost all types of crops and soils. On the other hand, we have the product Complete Bio, which has the perfect balance between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Both organic fertilizers are ideal for feeding any type of crop, without exception.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three fundamental pillars for proper crop nutritionThat is why at DEFEDER we have a range of NPK organic fertilizers suitable for the different needs that may arise during the crop cycle. All this in a respectful way with the environment, always thinking about the sustainable economy and committed to the circular economy.